A-Level Maths: Mechanics (Year 1 / AS)

Woody Lewenstein · August 26, 2020

What you’ll learn

  • A-level mechanics
  • Newton’s laws of motion
  • Constant acceleration formulae (SUVAT)
  • Applying calculus to motion problems
  • Vectors
  • Calculator use for A-level mechanics

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Good knowledge of GCSE maths or equivalent.
  • Basic knowledge of calculus for the final chapter of the course.


A-Level Maths: Mechanics (Year 1 / AS) is a course for anyone studying A-Level Maths:

This course covers everything in the mechanics component of maths A-Level AS content, usually covered in the first year of study (Year 12). The course is suitable for all major exam boards, including Edexcel, OCR, AQA and MEI as well as the Cambridge International A-Level course. It is also a great introduction to mechanics for anyone interested in getting started. Please view the sample lessons in the first section of the course below.

The main sections of the course are:

  • Kinematics – the study of movement, where we look at graphs of motion (displacement-time, velocity-time and acceleration-time), constant acceleration formulas (SUVAT equations), projectiles, and how to solve problems involving multiple stages of a journey, and problems involving multiple moving objects.
  • Dynamics – the study of forces, where we look at Newton’s laws of motion, forces (and how to model them as vectors), combining force problems with constant acceleration problems, connected particles questions, and problems where the forces change part way through, such as when a connecting string breaks.
  • Variable acceleration – where we look at motion expressed as a function of time, and how to use differentiation and integration to solve mechanics problems.

There are also two extra sections at the end. The first is a short video where I show you how to use a Casio ClassWiz calculator to speed up mechanics problems. The second is four extended videos where I go question-by-question through the mechanics content in the specimen papers of Edexcel, OCR, AQA and MEI.

What you get in this course:

Videos: Watch as I explain each topic, introducing all the key ideas, and then go through a range of different examples, covering all the important ideas in each. In these videos I also point out the most common misconceptions and errors so that you can avoid them.

Quizzes: Each sub-section is followed by a short quiz for you to test your understanding of the content just covered. Most of the questions in the quizzes are taken from real A-Level past papers. Feel free to ask for help if you get stuck on these!

Worksheets: At the end of each chapter I have made a collection of different questions taken from real A-Level past papers for you to put it all together and try for yourself. At the bottom of each worksheet is a full mark-scheme so you can see how you have done.

I really hope you enjoy this course!


You can learn more about Woody here.

Who this course is for:

  • Students taking (or planning to take) A-level maths.
  • Anyone interested in learning about motion, forces and the physical laws that govern our world.

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