Guidance for Students

At educ8all we are developing a platform where students can buy:

  • Video lesson courses aligned to exam board specifications;
  • Related downloadable materials such as revision notes; and
  • Private tuition sessions with a tutor.

We would like to encourage the idea of continuous learning rather than learning just to get through the next set of exams. We believe that by encouraging a love of continuous learning, students will be better set for life where they may need to continuously pick up new skills to take advantage of a world where new careers continue to emerge.

The courses on the educ8all platform are designed to align with existing programmes of study such as GCSEs and A-Levels. The courses are, however, not limited to these qualifications and courses are continually being added to cover other qualifications so be sure to visit again (or just sign up to our newsletter on registration) and check out what is new.

By purchasing video content, you gain the freedom to learn when you want & can download GCSE & A-Level Revision Guides. The ability to repeat-view course content means you can watch videos again and again to refresh your understanding or consolidate your learning.

You can also purchase related materials such as revision notes and practice materials in the Shop to complement your existing materials. You can also book a tutor for private tuition delivered online or in-person depending on the availability of the tutor.

What are the advantages to students of getting their educational resources from educ8all?

Benefits of studying on the educ8all platform include:

  • One stop shop: a central place where students can go to access video content, downloadable resources and private tuition so they only need to go to one place to get that they choice they want.
  • Up-to-date and focused content: as course creators update their content their materials to the latest specifications you benefit by getting content that is most relevant to you.
  • No distractions: content on educ8all is only educational in nature so no music videos or irrelevant content to distract you from studying.
  • Interactive content: tests and quizzes elevate content beyond that found in general videos elsewhere.
  • Consistency: where course creators also provide live tutoring services, students will also be able to book sessions with these tutors to get a consistent style of teaching across pre-recorded lessons and live tuition.

Do I get a qualification by completing a course?

The independent teachers and tutors who create the courses on educ8all are not accredited to award qualifications. Their focus is simply to provide high quality resources to support your studies. You (or the academic institution at which you study) are responsible for booking any exams or assessments that are relevant to the course you have undertaken to study.

What is included in a course?

Courses tend to vary in style as they are based on the preferences of the person who created them. While the majority of the material will be video based, there may also be other media utilised such as still images, audio or even downloadable documents; some courses may also include assessments in the form of quizzes. The best way to understand what is included is to read the Course Description.

How long do I have to complete the course?

The courses on educ8all are designed to enable on-the-go learning so that you can study wherever you want, whenever you want. There are generally no deadlines by which to complete the individual videos although factors such as the subscription period (where relevant) and your examination schedule may influence the speed at which you decide to complete the courses. Occasionally, courses may be drip-fed throughout the academic year in line with the pace at which the videos are created; you will know this is the case if it is mentioned in the course description.

Can I view sample videos?

Course creators are able to set a (selection of) video(s) as free-to-view to allow students to assess whether the course is right for them.

Are courses created by educ8all?

All courses on the educ8all platform are created by third parties independent of educ8all. We created a sample Economics course as a proof-of-concept called Economics I which is free-to-view.

Can I buy some elements of a course separately?

Sometimes course creators choose to sell elements of their course separately to allow students to purchase the element that is most relevant to them. For example, if an A-Level course comprises four themes, it is possible that a course creator may choose to sell individual courses for each theme as well as a course comprising all four individual themes. It is therefore important that you read the Course Description to understand what is included.

It is also worth noting that as courses may contain a variety of media (e.g. video, still images, audio, downloadable documents, quizzes etc.), it is possible that course creators may choose to sell components separately. For example, revision notes which are sometimes included with video lesson courses may also be sold separately in the shop.

Can I book the person who created the course to provide some private tuition?

Not all course creators choose to tutor privately. To determine, if the creator of the course you have purchased also tutors, please visit their profile.

How will the tutor provide tuition?

While tutors will mostly provide live online tuition, some may also provide in-person tuition. This will need to be arranged directly with them.

Where tuition is provided online, tutors may use third party software to deliver tuition. Before you choose to book them, please check the description of their services prior to ensure that you have the necessary hardware and software to receive the tuition.