Guidance for Educators

At educ8all we are developing a platform where educators can sell:

  • Video lesson courses aligned to exam board specifications;
  • Related downloadable materials such as revision notes; and
  • Private tuition sessions.

We would like to encourage the idea of continuous learning rather than learning just to get through the next set of exams. We believe that by encouraging a love of continuous learning, students will be better set for life where they may need to continuously pick up new skills to take advantage of a world where new careers continue to emerge.

The courses on the educ8all platform are designed to align with existing programmes of study such as GCSEs and A-Levels. The courses are, however, not limited to these qualifications. If the course you teach is currently not available on educ8all then please get in touch with us by sending an email to the address at the bottom of this page.

Creating video content gives students gain the freedom to learn when they want. The ability to repeat-view course content means students can watch videos again and again to refresh their understanding or consolidate their learning.

You can also create related materials such as revision notes and practice materials to sell in the Shop to complement your courses. If you are interested in providing private tuition you can register to tutor by providing additional information.

What are the advantages to educators of selling their educational resources on educ8all?

Benefits of registering on the educ8all platform as an educator include:

  • Wider audience: free your meticulously-prepared materials and allow them to reach more people online
  • Better materials for live teaching: by focusing on delivering material succinctly in short videos for online learning, you may benefit in your live teaching
  • Flipped learning: the video content may enable flipped learning resulting in students coming better prepared for their next lesson / session with you
  • Passive income: create an online brand and get a new passive income stream to allow you to earn while you sleep
  • Cross-selling: as educ8all scales up, the chances of cross-selling will increase meaning that people seeking material for other subjects end up buying your content
  • Advertise your tutoring services: a successful set of video courses online may increase interest in your live tuition services to cover trickier elements of the specification that may require a higher level of interaction.

What standards do you set for the courses on educ8all?

At educ8all, we are looking for courses that align to a specification for existing programmes of study (examples include but are not restricted to GCSEs and A-Levels). It is possible for you to create courses that only cover selected topics or themes of a course but these will need to be clearly described as such.

The other condition we set for those wishing to create educational content is that it should meet our audio-visual standards. You can find out more here. If you are in any doubt about meeting these standards, please consider submitting a test video early.

What do the videos / courses need to look like?

Providing that courses meet the two requirements above, you will have freedom over the style of the videos you create. We provide a summary of some of the key styles here. While we expect that the majority of the course will be video based, you may also consider using other media such as still images, audio or even downloadable documents. You may also wish to introduce assessments in your courses in the form of quizzes.

How long do the videos / courses have to be?

The courses on educ8all are designed to enable on-the-go learning so that students can study wherever and whenever they want. This means that you should seek to strike a balance between:

– brevity, to maximise the chances of videos being watched fully, and

– maintaining the integrity of the subject of the video to avoid breaking topics down unnecessarily to stay within artificial boundaries for video length.

This concept applies equally to each individual lesson and to the course as a whole.

Can I make some videos free-to-view to give students more clarity about the nature of the course?

Course creators are able to set a (selection of) video(s) as free-to-view to allow students to assess whether the course is right for them.

Are courses created by educ8all?

All courses on the educ8all platform are created by third parties independent of educ8all. We created a sample Economics course as a proof-of-concept called Economics I which is free-to-view.

Can I sell some elements of a course separately?

It is possible for you to sell elements of your course separately to allow students to purchase the element that is most relevant to them. For example, if an A-Level course comprises four themes, it is possible for you to sell individual courses for each theme as well as a course comprising all four individual themes. It is however important that the Course Description you write for the course makes this clear to prospective purchasers.

It is also worth noting that as courses may contain a variety of media (e.g. video, still images, audio, downloadable documents, quizzes etc.), it is possible for you to sell components separately. For example, revision notes which you include with video lesson courses may also be sold separately in the shop so that students who only wish to purchase the notes can do so.

If I register, do I need to provide some private tuition?

It is not mandatory for course creators to provide private tuition. It may be worth considering, however, the value that educ8all students may place on continuity if they choose to opt for private tuition in addition to purchasing your course on the platform.

How will I provide tuition?

While tutors will mostly provide live online tuition, you may also provide in-person tuition.

If you choose to provide tuition online, you may use third party software to deliver the tuition. When advertising your services, please ensure to add any hardware or software requirements into the description.

Who sets the price of the goods and services that I provide on the educ8all platform?

The price for goods and services provided on the platform is set by you and a variety of pricing models is available. Please note that educ8all charges a fee on each sale (further details are available upon registration).