A-Level Maths: Pure (Year 2)

Woody Lewenstein · April 5, 2021

A-Level Maths: Pure (Year 2) is a course for anyone studying A-Level Maths:

This course covers all the second year pure content in A-Level. The course is suitable for all major exam boards, including Edexcel, OCR, AQA and MEI. It is also a great course for anyone wanting to learn some more advanced pure maths.

The main sections of the course are:

– Parametric Equations – where we learn how to express algebraic fractions in partial fractions, a trick used to great effect later in the course.

– Functions in Graphs – where we explore modulus functions, graph transformations, and learn about different types of functions, range and domain.

– Binomial Expansion – here we extend the binomial expansion formula covered in my Pure (Year 1 / AS) course to include negative and fractional powers.

– Radians – we learn about a new way to measure angles, and the amazing things that this facilitates.

– Trigonometric Functions – here we learn about three new trig functions (sec, cosec and cot), and explore the numerous ways that these new functions can be used.

– Trigonometric Identities and Modelling – Here we learn about the compound angle formulae, and look at how these can be used. We also explore harmonic form and learn to use this to model real-world scenarios.

– Differentiation – in this chapter we take the differentiation already learned in the Pure (Year 1 / AS) course to a whole new level. We learn how to differentiate pretty much every type of function we can think of, learning about the chain rule, product and quotient rules, as well as connected rates of change.

– Integration – a giant chapter in which we learn many different techniques to integrate increasing advanced functions. We also explore differential equations.

– Parametric Equations – here we learn about a brand new way to represent a curve, and explore how to use calculus with parametric curves.

– Numerical Methods – here we explore various techniques for finding roots of equations, like x = cosx, that are impossible for find exact solutions to.

– Vectors – here we learn how to work with vectors in 3D, extending what was covered in the previous pure course.

What you get in this course:

Videos: Watch as I explain each topic, introducing all the key ideas, and then go through a range of different examples, covering all the important ideas in each. In these videos I also point out the most common misconceptions and errors so that you can avoid them.

Quizzes: Each sub-section is followed by a short quiz for you to test your understanding of the content just covered. Most of the questions in the quizzes are taken from real A-Level past papers.

I really hope you enjoy this course!


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