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Sam Moinet · October 4, 2020


Hello and welcome to Build Your Breakthrough! A course designed to boost your confidence, revolutionise your motivation and create new success.

I’m Sam Moinet, former teacher and founder of Student Breakthrough. By analysing the problems young people are facing; from struggling with anxiety, low motivation and under performance to name but a few, I found that in schools there was not enough time or the correct support available to help students reach their full potential as individuals.

But, here’s the solution: by coaching students 1-1, they stopped comparing themselves to others and focussed on their own natural strengths and abilities. The results have been incredible.

Our approach at Student Breakthrough is super positive as we empower students to take action on their personal goals. As a direct result, things like confidence, grades and relationships all improve as students discover so much about themselves, achieve new things and personally grow on many levels.

How to get the most from the course?

1. Give 100% of your energy, effort and commitment in each session.
2. Take action each week to achieve your Breakthrough Goal.
3. Be honest when completing the exercises and have fun.

How it works?

Build Your Breakthrough is an eight session online course split into six main topics. Within each session, there are a combination of short videos and practical exercises to help you achieve your goals. You will only need to commit around 30 minutes for each session. So, what is stopping you?

To get the most from the course, follow these four steps in each session…

1. Watch the video.
2. Complete the exercise.
3. Watch Breakthrough Challenge.
4. Complete the action step.

What students are saying…

“The Build Your Breakthrough online course is so helpful and awesome! It has allowed me to learn loads about myself and I feel so much more motivated. I would definitely recommend it to anyone as it has allowed me to achieve so much more in life.”
Jamie Uppington, 15 year old student.

“The Build Your Breakthrough course is the perfect way to make big changes in your life by taking small steps and implementing them every day. Focusing on gratitude and positivity has been so helpful for me, and I’m feeling much more positive about my life and the direction it’s going. I would highly recommend this course as it gets results.”
Erin Butler – 17 year old student.

“Signing up to The Build Your Breakthrough course was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. From learning new techniques and strategies to keep me motivated, to taking new action steps to grow my confidence, it has been so rewarding! After struggling with being able to commit to something, this course was so easy and enjoyable to stick to. I can’t recommend Build Your Breakthrough enough and there are so many benefits and learning opportunities throughout.”
Kacey-Ella Knapman, 18 year old student.

“Build your Breakthrough is the perfect starting point for anyone who has realised they want to live their best life, but don’t know where to begin. The videos and tools provided are so clear, and really easily accessible to all age groups. Sam’s videos are clear and concise, so you definitely don’t get bored. If you want to achieve a new goal in your life- this is the course for you.”
Morgan Burns, 21 year old student


How is the course typically structured?

The Build Your Breakthrough course is split into eight modules, each module contains a combination of short videos and practical exercises The practical exercises are accessible as a workbook or individual PDF’s. In each session, students learn a new strategy or technique from watching short videos and then complete a practical exercises.

Do students need to attend classes at specific times?

Typically students can work through the course at their own pace with no specific times required.

Do online classes have live components?

Depending on the school or university, some parts of the course may have live sessions to help students during the course. Please speak with your provider to see if you have access to live sessions.

What is the typical workload for an online course?

The Build Your Breakthrough course only requires around 30 minutes of studying in each session. After each session you set a practical action steps to achieve your goals.

How many weeks do online classes run?

There are eight sessions. Depending on your education provider this might mean the course is eight weeks long. Students usually complete the course at their own pace.

Are there any assignments or exams?

There are no formal exams or assignments in The Build Your Breakthrough course. However you can judge your progress over the eight sessions by completing one of the exercises at the start and at the end of the course.

What should students know before enrolling in an online course?

Students do not need to know anything specific before enrolling. They just need to come to each session eager to learn and to give their very best. Students need to have an understanding of English to access the material.

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