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educ8all · June 21, 2020

In this series of videos, educ8all is lucky to hold a Careers Chat with a group of professionals from diverse backgrounds and lines of business. These professionals have kindly volunteered their time to share their story for the benefit of young people starting to think about careers. The videos are all short and apart from a few exceptions are generally no longer than about 5 minutes long.

Watch as they explain how their education path and career journey has brought them to where they are today. Does the advice they wish they had received when they were younger resonate with you? None of the tips they share here should be seen as the only way to do things. The purpose behind sharing multiple videos is to share a variety of views and give you different perspectives to consider.

Careers Leaders may find these resources helpful if you are planning events that relate to Benchmark 5 of the Gatsby Benchmarks. Benchmark 5 relates to encounters with employers and employees. Some of the individuals who agreed to take part in the Careers Chats series have indicated a willingness to be involved in supporting schools. Such individuals have provided a means by which they can be contacted underneath the video of their careers chat. You may also be interested in other resources in our Skills and Employability section.

Note that the industry groupings are based on broad industry groups that the ONS uses to classify economic activity. We have based the classification on what the company/organisation does rather than what the individual does so please do browse through!

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