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educ8all · December 13, 2020

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As a site focused on primary school and secondary school education, deciding what to teach in your own online course should be straightforward. After all, the National Curriculum and GCSE and A-Level exams (and their equivalents in other UK nations as well as international equivalents) give a clear picture of what students are looking to learn. How to teach the content covered in the curriculum and exam board specifications will also be clear for teachers and tutors.

This course on “How to make an online course” builds on this starting point to help you think about how you can go about turning this content into an online course. There is guidance to make sure you are clear on the different types of video that you can create and the implications of going down these routes with regard to hardware and software requirements. There are prompts to make sure that you plan in advance the content that you wish to teach and tips on how you can build in feedback loops to improve the quality of the content at timely junctures. There is guidance on how to keep in line with best practice (e.g. accessibility) as well as how to edit and review the course so that it is ready for you to publish here on educ8all.

Note that the course focuses on video content as that is the most complex media type to deal with. You can however use this course to help you build an online course that is text-based, audio-based or video-based as well as any combination of these.

Good luck with building your own courses!

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