The Secret Student

About ‘The Secret Student’

About The Secret Student

I thought for my first blog post I will format it as if it were a Q&A.


Who are you?

Well, I am a Year 11 student who has a passion for helping other students whether that be via. this blog or my social media channels which you will be able to find at the end of the blog. I go to my local comprehensive in Hertfordshire, outside of London.

What makes you think you can tell students what to do?

I by no means want to tell you what you should do. However, I will be giving my thoughts and suggestions that have worked for me and that are based on my personal experiences.

What sorts of things will you be writing about?

I have got some great things planned! Some general things are how to revise each subject specifically, more general revision advice and how to boost your productivity and motivation based on my own personal experiences. I am not saying what I suggest will work for everyone however it could work for some of you.

Where can I see more from you?
Go check out my social media channels:


Speak Soon,


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