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Introduction to Organic Chemistry

Ligaya April 12, 2019
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(a) application of IUPAC rules of nomenclature for systematically naming organic compounds
(b) interpretation and use of the terms:
(i) general formula (the simplest algebraic formula of a member of a homologous series)
(ii) structural formula (the minimal detail that shows the arrangement of atoms in a molecule)
(iii) displayed formula (the relative positioning of atoms and the bonds between them)
(iv) skeletal formula (the simplified organic formula, shown by removing hydrogen atoms from alkyl chains, leaving just a carbon skeleton and associated functional groups)
(c) interpretation and use of the terms:
(i) homologous series (a series of organic compounds having the same functional group but with each successive member differing by CH2)
(ii) functional group (a group of atoms responsible for the characteristic reactions of a compound)