The Arts and Humanities

The focus for us at educ8all so far has been on STEM subjects but the arts and humanities are just as important and finding free homeschooling resources can be tricky.

But first, why are the arts and humanities important? They help us to see different perspectives.


There is much value in the stories we tell ourselves, indeed Yuval Noah Hariri’s best-selling book, Sapiens, builds the premise that humanity’s development is centred on our ability to co-operate by believing in shared stories. He summarises it here if you are interested:


Free homeschooling resources

  • Audible (by Amazon) has a selection of stories in six different languages that are free to stream on desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. Details here.
  • The National Theatre is planning to make one play a week free to view on its YouTube channel. Each production will be made available on YouTube at 7pm on Thursdays, beginning on April 2, and audiences will be able to watch live or catch up any time in the following seven days. Further details here.
  • The Globe Theatre will also be streaming on its YouTube channel. You can find out more here.
  • Virtual tours through the Google Arts & Culture website or associated apps (Android | Apple ) can help you get to places you can’t currently travel to.
  • Historic Royal Palaces have a range of learning resources suitable for all primary and secondary age groups.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a dedicated online portal for young people.
  • Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela, was famously jailed can also be explored virtually.

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