Let the A-Levels begin…

Hello again,

In this month’s blog, I thought I would talk about how the start of my A-Level (Post-16) journey is going. 

So, at the start of the year, I had originally planned to study Government and Politics, Law, Business and the Extended Project Qualification. However, within the first few days, I soon realised I didn’t really want to take four essay-based subjects and so I have now swapped the EPQ for AS Spanish. This leads me on to tell you that if you’re not enjoying one of your subjects then it is probably a wise idea to inform your Head of Sixth Form (or equivalent) now. There shouldn’t be too much to catch up on and it means you’ll quickly be able to fit in.

Since joining the AS Spanish Class I am feeling doubtful about my abilities. At GCSE, I achieved a six, however, that was back in year ten as I had started the course in year nine along with History and IT. So, I’ve not actually read, listened to, spoke or written Spanish in over a year. I have also joined a new school for Sixth Form which means my Spanish teachers (I have two) don’t really know my abilities which I think makes the situation worse as they don’t know how best to support me. However, I have been revising basic vocab and grammar which has helped.

I must say the subject I am really enjoying the most right now is Law. I originally thought that my favourite would be Government and Politics (something I’ve had a 5+ year interest in). I think the fact that we’ve been looking at Parliamentary law-making and the influences on it means that I am somewhat slightly ahead of the class and makes it something I enjoy as I feel as though I am actually good at something.

I am enjoying Politics but not 100% sure on the subject at the minute. I think the fact that one of my teachers knows I have a keen interest in the subject and so know most of the answers at the minute means he doesn’t really pick me for the answers and that has got me a bit down now. Purely because I just want to show that I do know stuff. At GCSE apart from Business, I was just an average student meaning there was always someone who knew more than me. So now that I am somewhat that person has made me believe in myself a bit more and thus given me an academic ability confidence boost.

How are you finding Sixth Form or the start of your GCSE Journey? Let me know via my socials!

Bye for now,

The Secret Student

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