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Hello Everyone,

In today’s blog I really want to talk about the future of this blog, my personal future as well as the day some of us dreaded: Results Day 2021.

So, Results Day – personally I somewhat dreaded it as I am terrible at Maths and so I really didn’t know if I would have to retake it and also if I did fail it I would have had to rethink my post-16 options as many of them required a grade 4 in Maths. However, I did secure the 4 in Maths and passed everything else but one.

I am most proud of my Business Studies grade – I got an 8. It really meant a lot to me as I’m looking at studying Business at University and then becoming a Business Teacher as Business and Education/Learning is my passion.

For those of you who maybe didn’t get the grades you want, I really wouldn’t worry. Grades do not define you and I bet it’s probably in a subject that either you didn’t want to take or had no interest in. I failed the subject I didn’t want to take and had zero interest in – PHYSICS!

“Don’t let a bad grade define who you are or who you will become” – Unknown

Moving on…

So, after receiving my results I had decisions to make. What am I doing post-16? An apprenticeship? Sixth Form? If Sixth Form, which one?

Before results day I applied to numerous apprenticeships all within my passion – Digital Marketing and I’d applied to two Sixth Forms.

After a few days I had decided that actually, Sixth Form was the right option for me. I don’t really know how I decided this but, in my heart, it was something I’ve always wanted to do. I had applied to my current school as a backup option should I not get the right grades. I did want to stay but they didn’t offer a single course I’ve dreamed of studying. And so, from September I’m off to a new school to study new subjects – Government and Politics, Law and Business.

“Change can be scary, but you know what’s scarier? Allowing fear to stop you growing, evolving and progressing” – Mandy Hale

Now let’s talk about the blog’s future. As I’m sure we are all aware A-Levels are time-consuming and you have to do a lot of independent study and that is why educ8all and myself have decided to drop the blogs from 2 to 1 a month. I’ll also be taking the blog in a very different direction. We’re going to be going on a journey together rather than me sort of just handing out advice. Of course, I’ll still be providing advice however I’m bringing you with me as I learn the top tips, best techniques and learn from mistakes.

Talk Soon,
The Secret Student

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