Create an e-learning course: making and publishing your own Maths videos

Create an e-learning course: Making and publishing your own Maths videos

We’ve been wanting to teach people for some time about things to consider when learning how to create an e-learning course. Consequently, on Saturday 15th June, educ8all ran a session on “Making and publishing your own Maths videos” along with Drew Foster. We were joined by a group of lovely educators looking to take advantage of the free CPD! While we were focused on Maths educators on the day, the reality is that what we covered is equally applicable to educators of any subject.

The session began with an introduction to educ8all where we explained what we are looking for in terms of video courses on the site. This largely covered matters discussed in these two posts so please check them out if you did not get a chance to attend.

Guidance for educators

Style of videos

We then moved on to Drew’s sessions looking at how to make “sticky” videos that retain the attention of the intended audience: students. This session was particularly well received because Drew provided insights into the techniques he used to make a couple of videos. Delegates also got the opportunity to appraise other publicly available videos to identify best practice and how some could be improved further. One particular area of interest was around the optimal length of videos.

The “Introduction to storyboarding” session brought out the similarities to lesson plans and while we did not get around to discussing the variations in storyboard styles, we have collated some of these for you to download here.

The last session of the day focused on hardware and software tips for the creation of videos. It was in this session that we introduced the diagram below to help educators think through the steps of creating good quality videos.

We’ll be expanding on these steps in future blogposts so stay tuned. In the intervening period you may wish to listen to the thoughts of those educators who have experience with how to create an e-learning course by listening to our podcast.

The feedback for the event was overwhelmingly positive with people willing to recommend the session and pay for it in future (so that we can recover costs rather than make profits!). Some preliminary discussions have begun about running a similar session outside of London so if you are interested then please ensure you follow our social media accounts and sign up to the newsletter.

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